5 More Myths About Vasectomies and E.D!

5 More Myths About Vasectomies and Erectile Dysfunction rebuttaled and debunked by Urologist Specialists who perform Vasectomies, Vasectomy Reversals,  and Birth control…help with male infertility as they talk about the Vasectomy as a procedure with a bit of a legend behind it.

A Vasectomy is basically blocking the tube that sperm swim through. so sperm are made in the testicles or balls and then they swim through the Vas Deferens and then they’re expelled from the male body. So, during a Vasectomy… the testicle itself stays in place and all the surgeon is doing is blocking the V.D. tube that this sperm swim through.

5 More Myths About Vasectomies and E.D!


  1. Myth number three (1) “Vasectomy negatively will affect sexual function” This is a myth primarily because vasectomies have nothing to do with testicular function, erections or erectile function nor erectile dysfunction. Specialists have good data to show that vasectomy procedures do not affect sexual performance for bad or good.  The bulk of the ejaculate fluid comes from the prostate and because the prostate is still left intact during the procedure, the patient can still get hard and bust a healthy wad of fluid. All the surgeon is doing is blocking the tubes that sperm swim through. There Is also very good evidence showing that Vasectomies improve relationship satisfaction scores. From those scores, it’s believed because the man is taking one for the team and their wives or sexual partners are happy. And as the saying goes “happy wife makes a happy life.”  Additionally, men are now rarely stressed about getting the woman pregnant usually. Again, vasectomies should not affect erections, ejaculations, or other measures of sexual performance.
  2. Myth number five (2) “Vasectomies are associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer” This is not true as it is a bit of an old wives’ tale. Scientists and practitioners used to think that vasectomies were associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer because of general bias. But now, after hundreds and thousands of vasectomies later, specialists now know that it’s actually more of a selection bias. Basically what that means is, men who have vasectomies are more likely to have a family doctor thus they more likely to get screened for cancers. When studies are comprised of patients who get screened more for cancers then that means that any type of cancers are detected more frequently.
  3. Myth number two (3) “Vasectomies work immediately” this has caused a lot of men to still get women pregnant because this is not true. The reason is because there are still plenty of sperm in the Basil stump which is the piece of Vas Deferns that is attached to your body. So, there is still tons of sperm there when the Basil Stump. That being said, Specialist highly alert patients that the first TEN to FIFTEEN ejaculates have near-normal numbers because the testicle is still there so sperm are still being produced but they’re hitting a roadblock. It is very important that after 3 months of having the procedure to take a professional sperm test to confirm that all those sperm from the Basil stump are not getting out. So Vasectomies do not work immediately. However, when vasectomies start to work they are very effective but they do not work instantly.
  4. Myth number one (4) “Vasectomies are painful” they do not have to be painful they most always are done in a sterilized, clean, professional clinic. Vasectomies take about 15 to 45 minutes and require plenty of numbing medication or anesthesia. Typically, the clinic will have plenty of medication and pain relief onhand because they want it to be painless for the patient. Usually, the surgeon can make the vasectomy pretty darn close to painless. If for any reason during the procedure the patient feels any discomfort the anesthesiologist will give more pain-numbing medicine to the patient. It has been reported that 90 percent of vasectomy patients (if not more), say that the total procedure from start to finish was not as bad as they were thinking.
  5. Myth number four (5) “Vasectomies are not reversible” this is also not true. while doing a discectomy is a relatively straightforward procedure and reversing them is a little bit more complicated.  Although they are complicated they most certainly are still reversible. Reversal of a vasectomy is done at an operation and it is definitely a more delicate procedure than blocking the tubes.  That being said, Specialist do perform vasectomy reversals with a very high degree of success. The Testicle is still there so the testicle is still making sperm so when surgeons do the reversals they simply just reconnect the Vas Deferens tubing to essentially restore the original anatomy.

There are many men who have had vasectomies but, a lot those men don’t make routine trips for physicals or checkups like most men tend to do.

This doesn’t mean that vasectomy patients are at a higher risk. It just means that some of those vasectomy patients who visit their doctors routinely were already susceptible to cancer.

But, staying on top of their health allowed their doctors to catch the signs of cancer more quickly because they get doctor visits regularly. Which means that they were already prone to cancer and their doctor had caught the cancer and it just so happens they had a vasectomy, the vasectomy didn’t cause the cancer.

Be sure to always consult your doctor about your overall health and options to help your libido and erections.

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