Diabetes and Penis | Diabetes and Erections

Hello and thanks for giving me time to share some insight about E.D. with you today!  We’re going to talk about…

Diabetes, The Penis, and Erections.

We’re gonna briefly talk about how to cure AND or minimize Erectile Dysfunction.

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If you look this up on youtube or the search engines you’ll see a whole bunch of confusing articles and research. Other articles and bloggers say E.D. is a complex condition caused by heart disease, high Corisol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and even kidney disease.

But, if we look behind these problems there’s a common denominator.

These are symptoms of insulin resistance which is a pre-diabetic situation and that’s a high insulin circumstance. Diabetes.

High insulin might not even show up in your blood Sugar’s but it definitely will show up if you do a fasting insulin test.

High levels of the insulin destroy the lining of the arteries. They target something called the Endothelial Layer of your vascular system and then comes the cascade of other issues relating to heart disease, blood pressure, and all sorts of things.

But it first starts as a dysfunction of the blood circulation. That is why there’s a low success in taking testosterone because taking testosterone doesn’t necessarily fix insulin resistance and blood circulation all the time. Sometimes it might help you temporarily but unless you get this (Diabetes) corrected you’ll still have Erectile Dysfunction.

So how do you do it… WELL, one of the many natural ways to help with blood circulation through your body especially to your penis is implement a Ketogenic diet. And you can also couple that do intermittent fasting to help with seeing results even faster. It’s also medically recommended that you even cut out the alcohol and the smoking of you do either or both of those things.

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Now as far as medication is concerned… certain medications will cause Erectile Dysfunction too.

Get with your doctor OR specialist and work out a plan to come off the medications! As you get healthy keep cleaning up your diet AND thoroughly press your Doctor to get info and insight on what side affects that a prescription can potentially have on you.

In Addition… lowering Cortisol AND stress, you must intentionally get more sleep. If you can even intentionally start to go for long walks but you just definitely need to lower the Cortisol and avoid high fructose corn syrup. It’s in so many foods AND it causes insulin resistance big-time.

There was a cereal commercial that came out with a Teenage Brother and an adolescent brother and the teenage brother was promoting high fructose corn syrup to the little brother. That was a horrible move on the BIG BUCK cereal companies because it was a huge slap in the face as we confront the on-slot of it’s negative affects but, I digress.

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Even more than HFCS, there is oil from Soy which will also cause insulin resistance. Also… Soy promotes Estrogen, so if you are a male and you desire to have a healthy hard penis when it’s time… you shouldn’t be consuming soy on a regular basis at all. A lot of proteins found in Supplement stores, like GNC, Supplement Super Store, and the WalMart Isle have Soy protein in them. So, please read the nutrition facts and be informed to know that a protein that is manufactured in a plant that produces Soy products DOESN’T necessarily mean that Soy is in the protein by any amount.

So start reading the labels on your groceries avoid soy oil at all cost and start using alternatives like olive oil and other types of natural healthier or less counterproductive oils.

Having a healthy body and penis takes intentional work and if reading labels in order to get an erection helps you… then why not read the labels. You are worth it!

In reference to the Ketogenic diet … The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, Adequate-protein, Low-Carb diet that medical field alot of times uses to treat “difficult-to-control” epileptic children. It’s also a craze amongst Physical fitness enthusiast and trainers. Ultimately the Keto diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbs!

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Enjoy your day … Enjoy your week… Enjoy your Life… Thanks for your time… Peace!